De Buyer Carbone Plus Carbon Steel Pan

By Michael

Published October 19, 2021

What is it?

This is the 22cm Carbone Plus pan from De Buyer, model number 5110.22.

Carbone Plus 22cm Pan

Why did I pick it?

As we replace the worn-out non-stick skillets we've had for a few years, I wanted a small skillet that would be good for cooking 1-2 eggs or toasting a single sandwich, like a grilled cheese.

Carbone Plus 22cm pan without cardboard cover

De Buyer is a leader in their field, having manufactured carbon steel pans in France since 1830. Their French website (in English) is the best resource for the pan I bought, because this pan is not listed on their American website.

De Buyer is well-known for their Mineral B line of carbon steel skillets, but that line is consumer focused, and as such is lighter (meaning thinner steel), has a beeswax coating over the pan to protect it, as well as having some decoration on the handle.

I was looking for something more utilitarian, and came across their Carbone Plus line after browsing and reading their website as well as the helpful carbonsteel subreddit.

The carbone plus line originally did NOT have a treated handle, which is coated in some kind of epoxy. The model I bought, which is currently being manufactured, did come with a coated handle. According to their 2021 catalog, this make the pan oven safe for a short 10 minutes at up to 200 degrees celsius (just under 400 degrees Fahrenheit).

Top of Carbone Plus pan Bottom of Carbone Plus pan

While I was hoping for a metal handle that could withstand oven seasoning, I am okay with this model having a coated handle because A) the price is great and B) it has the iconic De Buyer look. I ended up doing just fine seasoning this pan using a stovetop method I detail here.

Pan after initial seasoning

One thing I appreciate this pan for besides its iconic look and pleasing heft, is its price. Anything in the Carbone Plus line is a bit less expensive than their Mineral B siblings. At time of writing, the pan I bought is ~$15 less to get the Carbone Plus versus a comparable Mineral B pan, also from De Buyer.

Where can you get one?

I got mine at for $34.99

De Buyer Carbone Plus 22cm pan